Ready mix concrete



Beton Project operates with two concrete batching plants, one in West industrial area, Varna and one in the city of Devnya, industrial area.


Ready mix concrete are conventional concrete mixtures defined by the BGS and EU standarts which covers the general criteria and requirements

 БДС EN 206:2013+A1:206 и БДС EN 206:2013+А1:2016/NA:2017


Available ready mix concrete by compression strength and consistancy class:




















C 8/10  


8  Mpa


10 Mpa



S 2

50 - 90 (+-20) mm

С 12/15


12 Mpa


15 Mpa



S 3

100 - 150 (+-30) mm

С 16/20


16 Mpa


20 Mpa



S 4

160 - 210 mm

С 20/25


20 Mpa


25 Mpa





С 25/30


25 Mpa


30 Mpa





С 30/37


30 Mpa


37 Mpa





С 35/45


35 Mpa


45 Mpa






These characteristics do not exhaust the possible properties of the concrete compositions. Another very important specification is the exposure class. This is the way the environment affectsthe cured concrete elements. The different types are marked with X and a following letter indicating the type of impact, in addition each class includes a number indicating the intensity of the exposure.


Exposure Class:

Class X0 - Environment without aggressive influence or risk of corrosion

Class XC - Carbonization causing corrosion

Class XD - Chlorides causing corrosion

Class XS - Seawater chlorides that cause corrosion

Class XA - Chemically aggressive environment

Class XF - Intense freeze-thaw cycles


Some projects require ready mix concrete with additional properties. For this reason, Beton Project also produces concrete with lower water absorbtion, with curing and compressive strength accelerators and other properties by the relevant standards.


Logistics and laying are provided with different sizes of concrete mixer trucks and mixer pumps, as well as 35 and 50 m concrete pumps.


Strict adherence to the quality of the concrete mixes is achieved by daily control of both materials and production, in our own laboratory, equipped with the necessary equipment and qualified personnel.

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Ready mix concrete