Specialized projects


With the composite concrete mixtures of Beton Project you can be bolder in the disign and confident in the realization of your projects.




     Compression strength                 Tensile strength                          Air content


Due to the high density the outside influences are limited which makes the concrete elements more resilient and with a longer lifespan.
The high compression and tensile strengths directly relate to the structural durability of the precast concrete element.
The combination of those characteristics allow us to manufacture narrow, thin profiles in complex shapes, with significantly lower weight than conventional materials.



Proper selection of technology, concrete composition, mold, texture, colors, and specific treatments leads to the creation of elements that are the exact piece of the puzzle that can assemble the project into the desired form.




The range of concrete elements for structural, exterior and interior application provides solutions and capabilities in every step of your projects.




We will cast the imagination into a mold and build your vision out of concrete.



  • Elements with high precision and detail of the surface
  • Additional reinforcement of different type to further improve some of the properties
  • Elements in complex shapes casted in specialized molds
  • Coloring integrated in the material matrix


Example applications:

Facade panels 

Chimney hats


Window sills

Elements for fences

Flooring - slabs, decks, stairs, fronts, curbs, parking elements

Ditches and grates

Elements for prefabricated houses - columns, panels

Insulating panels

Communication shafts

Shaft lids

Garden and park furniture and equipment

Kitchen countertops

Facing of fireplaces

Decorative elements


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