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High performance concrete HPC and Ultra high performance concrete UHPC are tipes of concrete with extremely high compression strenght and durability. HPC was developed during the 1980s for applications that demand higher corrosion resistance and strenght.

UHPC is best applied in narrow profiles in which the material lighter weight and strenght are irreplaceable.


The multi-component concrete mixtures developed by us cover from HPC to UHPC class of concrete.



  • High compression strenght 80 – 160 МРа
  • High tensile strenght 6 - 18 МРа
  • High abrasion resistance
  • High resistance to chemicals
  • High freeze-thaw resistance
  • Extremely low water absorption values
  • Low-porosity
  • Increased lifespand and very low exploitation costs
  • Fire resistance class A1



  • Elements with sufficient strength at reduced thickness and volume, respectively reduced weight compared to conventional concrete
  • Elements with high accuracy and detail of the surface, including surface treatment (washed, etched, polished, blasted, impregnated, etc.)
  • Option to add reinforcement of different types to further improve some of the properties
  • Elements in complex shapes casted in specialized molds
  • Coloring integrated in the material matrix
  • Similar properties of the products with those made of polymer concrete at lower cost.




The composite mixture is made with high quality materials with different grain size, selected according to strict criteria in order to obtain a maximum compacted matrix. Special cements, active mineral additives and last generation chemical additives are used to produce a ductile mixture at very low water-cement ratios (0.32-0.22)

Achieving such mixture designs with a conventional mixer is impossible, and therefore a special intensive mixer (Eirich) is required to ensure a highly homogeneous mixture with air content of less than 2%.

To meet all project demands we specialize in custom mold, formwork design and development as well as precision modeling when required.



Top image: Courtesy Marie Jackson