About us

Beton Project was founded in June 2014 in order to grow and develop the concrete production devision of Devnya Trade.


As a division and now as Beton Project we have been working in the field of concrete mixtures production for the last 15 years and during that time we were involved in the construction of some of the largest commercial and industrial sites in the district of Varna.


The strict production control which guarantees the quality of our products as well as the competence of our team, affirmed us as a leading and preffered partner in the construction of various types of projects.


Our proffecional experience and the endless search for new challanges have led to the opening in 2016 of a new production line for high performance and ultra hight performance concrete elements.


By adding the right equipment and technology to the multi-component, multi-purpose concrete mix designes developed by our team, we have been able to achieve the needed parameters to produce a wide range of structural and decorative elements for both exterior and interior applications.